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Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up...


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1. No problem!沒問題;沒關系;不用客氣-國內:沒問題-國外:還用于回答“thank you” 或“s...


22. Pool,常取其“匯”之意,有時用法和 channel 接近把…集中一起用,共用;把(錢等)投入成為集合資...

Sales Specialist

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for market business and demand analysis;

2, responsible for the promotion of the curriculum, the customer to carry out the documentary and maintenance.

3, the development of business plans;

4, responsible for business channels and customer maintenance and management;


Inner Mongolia region's most fashionable, cutting-edge adult zero based foreign language training institutions

Diversified teaching mode, relaxed learning atmosphere, tall on the social groups

Excellent teachers team, the international teaching environment, independent research and development of the most practical tutorial

Learn authentic foreign language, feel the multicultural, to make all walks of life, to shape the perfect life

Wonderful activities

Extracurricular activities are organized by students spontaneously.It can help them understand each other and deepen the feelings between the students. They help each other with study, homely converging together jolly. In western festival, also held a variety of large-scale activities, such as masquerade, Halloween party,it helps the students be together, Not only can get the feelings of the western festivals but also can feel the western culture, to learn relevant knowledge of English, the most important is to let everyone can release pressure of usual. They can be themselves here unconstraintly.....

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